When I start a project, I ask a lot of questions. I love data. I love to: analyze it, organize it, use it to make great plans, and to help people succeed with it. I firmly believe that great data is the foundation for great design. Data points us to the natural solution for a project. If information is missing, the design will come up short. It’s just like a doctor diagnosing a patient, except for the fact that I can’t save someone with my E-gauge ruler.

My personal happiness is directly connected to my desire to be self-sufficient. In past projects, I have undoubtedly had the strongest connection with my clients that share this same desire for their group, business, or organization. My client base has organically shifted to this niche market over the last six years and I love it. These small/medium businesses realize the need to take their image to the next level in order to expand on their current services. This is where I shine.